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My creative art pieces are Collages exclusively created of recycled leather

Ma jupe en cuir__Wiktoria Guzelf.jpg
Détail de la jupe de Wiktoria.jpg
Détail de la jupe en cuir de Wiktoria Guzelf.jpg

How my desire to create art, using leather, developed in my life.

I was studying architecture in Warsaw, Poland in 1997.

My greatest desire was to own a leather skirt.

Unfortunately they were very expensive and I couldn't affort one at the time.

The desire to have one gave me an idea, I could do it myself !

The problem was where and how to find enough leather.

I asked my friends and relatives if they have any spare, old gloves.

It took a while to collect a bag full of old, worn out leather gloves in different sizes and colours. I washed them and cut them into lots of colourful squares.

Using my mother's old sewing machine I created a patch-work leather skirt !

I was the only student at my school to have a suuch a skirt and I still have it....

And so my desire to create atworks in leather was born.

The look and feel of leather fascinates puzzles, attracts and inspires me !

It is my wish to convey my feelings and emotions about some subjects, provoke reflections, astonish or surprise, and interact with other artistic techniques.

I offer my compositions to be admired and interact with people's feelings and emotions.

The titles of my collages allow the viewer to interpret my work while stimulating their imagination.

Incorporated in my work are the use of spare pieces of leather from various tanneries but primarily I use second-hand clothes which I cut, renew and give them an artistic rebirth in a three-dimentional style.

My creative process come from a strong hold on the geometrical and multifaceted interactions which allow my artwork to reach real physical and emotional depth.

The grains and thickness of materials I choose, the play of colours creatively combine to obtain balance of perfect proportions which is an important role in my creaative approach to my art.

How I create my artwork :

My first steps include freehand sketches, computer drawings and then manual intergaration with the leather.

The art includes various compositions, some parts are flat, some are ruffled, woven or sewn.

It all comes together by arranging and attaching leather onto different mounting surfaces like EPS foam, MDF sheets, balsa, cardboard.

I receive much of my inspiration from the following artists : Pierre Soulages,

Piet Mondrian, Frank Stella, Josef Albers, Barnett Newman, Ellsworth Kelly.

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