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Leather on metal plate 22cm x 22cm

"Animals' Cry", a triptych composed of 3 plexiglas boxes (60cm x 80cm), filled with pieces of leather.

This triptych is mostly made of waste. It's aim is to draw attention to our behavior in terms of environmental consumption.
Do we need to eat so much meat ? Do we need a leather sofa in our living room, leather seats in our car ?
Let's assume our responsibilities and celebrate our efforts.

Let's raise issues that touch and move us.


The title of the triptych is "Red Line"
The title of each artwork is "No comment"
For more information see my Facebook, please.


Ghost on Rose
Rotwein am Morgen  60cm x 90cm
Series of 9 artworks : 19cm x 19cm, in the middle composition of the recycled leather 10cm x 10cm
Sans titre 19cm x 19cm
Dream III 24cm x 24cm.jpg

I was inspired to create this Artwork during my time in lockdown, because of the Covid virus,
during the Spring of 2020.
I titled it "Corona Imprisoned" to invoke what we were all feeling at this time.
It expresses my desire and hope that the virus will one day be imprisoned and science will make it disappear from the world.


Confined Corona Working.jpg
"Perito Moreno" 90 x90
The Secret Box
02_My friends old sofa  90cm x 90cm.jpg
Dark Galaxy A yes.jpg
"Boudoir"  60cm x 90cm x 5cm
Black River  90 x 90
"Titan's Empire" 83cm x 90cm x 4cm
Darkness D bon.jpg
"Fairy's rev-vert"  90cm x 90cm
"Taklamakan" 67cm x 67cm
Trees Talk   60cm x 60cm
08_L'Amour de Pénélope 40x41.jpg
"Mystic Highway"  90cm x 90cm x 4cm
"Grand Canyon" 60cm x 60cm
Santa Cruz  75cm x 90cm
Robin Hood 63 x 63.jpg
Lunula  60cm x 90cm
Crocodile Dundee 47cm x 63cm
Ocean Paradise  57cm x  75cm
La Magie Noire 45x57.JPG
Le Destin de Dédale 75 x 75.jpg
Black Cloud  50cm x 50cm
Nero Mattina 1.jpg
Amazonie 63cm x 63cm
Poséidon Empire 54cm x 60cm
Pampa 68x61.jpg
Sahel 57x50.jpg
La Vague 1 42x58.jpg
La Vague 2 42x58 .jpg
Thunder Angel  40cm x 45cm
Night Bird  50cm x 50cm
Black Ocean   65 x 60
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